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Minneapolis, MN: Be a Beginner

I don't know about you, but I have struggled with beginnings about as much as I struggle with endings (which is A LOT by the way). It is hard to admit when I am a beginner at something. I know a huge part of that is my own privilege as a white, educated, middle-class woman. Book education is important, but not as important as real-life education. I have never had the real-life experience of being a black woman or black man. I have only ever known a life of privilege. I can read what that means in a book, but it does not mean I truly know what it means. At first I struggled with it too. I had thoughts in my head about how I have my degree in Social work and that it means I recognize my privilege. Again though, it is one thing to know it - it is another to feel the repercussions of someone else's privilege affecting my own life.